Friday, September 26, 2008

How many skateboarders does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Three. One to screw it in and two to hold his pants up.

Warning: I am going to jump between topics and this blog might seem a bit random.

When is it okay to be antisocial? Lately I just haven’t felt like participating in much of anything. Maybe it is the crappy weather we have had all summer. Oh well. Life is too short to wallow in self pity. I dropped out of my choir’s first concert, just not enough time for everything and I had to simplify my life. I will do the rest of the concerts though. I wish there were about 10 more hours in a day.

Preparations for Hawaii are going well, I have as much scheduled as I can…our days are packed! We will be doing a lot of geocaching which is a fun and free activity that involves hiking and searching for hidden caches. I figure it is a good way to get to see the more scenic areas of Hawaii.

Last weekend we went shooting with Joe and Karen, the guys were having fun exploding propane bottles. video here. I think Joe and Alan were practicing for the Darwin Awards.